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Firefly RPG is OUT in PDF

As part of the creative team for the Firefly RPG, I’m excited to see the corebook finally out. My direct involve comes after this book, but it does a great job of giving a foundation to create new and interesting things. The MWP team did a bang-up job! You can grab a copy and see what all the fuss is about!

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The Robotic Age RPG is OUT

The Robotic Age RPG was a pleasure to do layout for. Written by Preston Poland, players can enjoy being android, cyborgs or transhumans and taking on the new Robotic Age! Check it out!



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Divine Instruments (for Part-Time Gods) is OUT

Third Eye Games’ new sourcebook for Part-Time Gods is now out! Divine Instruments is the much anticipated followup to the popular game on modern divinity and it is a pleasure to add it to my resume.


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Working on The Robotic Age RPG

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been fortunate enough to be working for Preston Poland, designer of The Robotic Age RPG. I’ll be doing the layout, so it’s going to look pretty snazzy. If you are interested in hearing more on this Android/Transhuman/Futuristic game about rebellion and civil rights, look no further:

I do hope that you consider backing this project. A lot of work is being put into The Robotic Age to make it great. Come and check it out!

Until next time.

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