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I am fully versed in what it takes to put together a book that conveys a certain mood or theme strictly from the layout and artwork aesthetics. To that end, I am currently offering many services that all fall under Design Services. Check out the following for details and email me at is you want to discuss your project with me.

Art Direction

I can help you with getting just the right artwork for your game/book. Tell me what style of art you want, how many pieces you’d like to have, what kind of budget you are working with, and specific illustrations you’d like to have (if any), and I’ll find the right artists and commission the illustrations. If you need assistance with what type of illustrations to have, I can definitely take a look at your books/game and help you make your decisions.


The Cost is 20% of your art budget. For example, if you have an art budget of $1000, my fee is $200 and then the remaining $800 will be spent to pay artists.

Page Layout

Page Layout is an artform itself, one that I have gotten very good at over the years. Putting together the right fonts, illustrations, tables, headers and page numbers on a page can spell the difference between a customer buying your game or putting it back on the shelf. This includes providing a few different approaches for your game and indexing, and all the files, built in InDesign and ready for print, are yours when done. 


The Cost is $3.50/page for black and white books or $4.50/page for color. For example, if your game has a black and white pagecount of 200, my fee would be $700. Jobs with fewer than 25 pages, may be subject to a $40 setup fee.


There are too many games out there without a good, working Index for readers to reference the material quickly. We can make sure your game doesn’t fall into that trap. If I provided layout for you, this fee is waved.


The cost is $0.75/page. For example, indexing a 200-page book would make my fee $150.

PDF Creation and Bookmarking

In our ever increasing PDF-centric industry, it becomes a necessity to release your book/game in an electronic format as well. However, this does require additional effort and time. If I provided layout for you, this fee is waved.


The Cost is $50. Contact me if you need more info.

Character Sheet Design

A lot of customer turn first to the character sheet to tell if the game is for them or not. With the service, I will design a working character that fits with the overall theme of your game and the book’s design as closely as possible.


$35 per page. For example, a 3-page, detailed character sheet would be $105.

Cover Design

If the design of your cover requires putting a piece of artwork on the cover, then there’s no problem doing that. However, if it requires more along the lines of graphic design, there is a fee.


The cost is $50 for this service.

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