Fractured Kingdom is OUT!

I had the honor of working with the writer of Fractured Kingdom RPG to do the layout and help with the editing to really refine the system/writing. Do show your support by checking out!


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A Tragedy in Five Acts – OUT!

I had the honor of doing some awesome layout for a great game from Growling Door Games called “A Tragedy in Five Acts”. It’s an awesome RPG that feels like a play and is as tragic as any game I’ve ever seen (hence the name). Everything you need to play the game is in this lean and mean PDF. Check it out today if it’s your alley.

A Tragedy in Five Acts on DriveThruRPG

Until next time. (We have a lot of things coming out!)

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Sample Up!

I have just put some samples up of some of my layout work. First up are some examples of my Third Eye Games work. I’ll have more up later on.

New Sample Page

Until next time.

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Me and Mecha

I’ve been approached by Chris Perrin, author of the Mecha RPG series, and have accepted his proposal for me redoing the layout for the Mecha corebook and tackling the two brand new supplements as well. Super excited about helping with the revamp and the release of the new material in a cool-looking manner. The opportunity is pretty big. If you haven’t picked up Mecha, you’ll want to soon.

Check it out HERE.

Until next time.


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Welcome to

Hello all!

Welcome to new, epic site belonging to me, Eloy Lasanta. Here, you’ll be able to see how I can be of service to you, either as a new writer for your newest book, a layout artist to help you make your book look awesome or as an RPG guru to help you make your game amazing! Check out the cool info:

  • Who Am I? – Get the run down on me.
  • Writing Services – Get info on Freelance Writing, Editing and RPG Critiques.
  • Design Services – Get Info on Layout, Art Direction and Character Sheet Design.
  • Resume – Get info on all the books I have already worked on and upcoming ones too!

Be sure to check back here on occasion, as I’ll be updating this blog with my new freelance works and other projects from my clients!

PS: If you’re here looking for the Rolling 20s Podcast or his Sinister Development Blog, they’ve been moved to different sites. Please click on their links.

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