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Eloy’s Kickstarter Spotlight #3: Technoir, Dinosaurs IN SPACE, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc 2E and Chill

Where I wear my TKD shirt from Tiger Rock Martial Arts and talk about: Technoir, Dinosaurs… IN SPACE!!!, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and Chill 3rd Edition.


Buy it HERE

Dinosaurs… IN SPACE!!!

Buy it HERE

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition

Chill 3rd Edition

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Infinite Shadows: The curse the darkness Companion – Out Now!

It’s actually been out for a bit and I forgot to spread the word! I did the layout for this awesome book of alternate systems for Curse the Darkness. Go check Infinite Shadows out, especially if you enjoyed the corebook!

Until next time.


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A Tragedy in Five Acts – OUT!

I had the honor of doing some awesome layout for a great game from Growling Door Games called “A Tragedy in Five Acts”. It’s an awesome RPG that feels like a play and is as tragic as any game I’ve ever seen (hence the name). Everything you need to play the game is in this lean and mean PDF. Check it out today if it’s your alley.

A Tragedy in Five Acts on DriveThruRPG

Until next time. (We have a lot of things coming out!)

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